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Hew Brown

Surveyor Associate 

Surveying South Florida and Beyond

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With thousands of nautical miles covered from the Baltic, Middle East and Mediterranean to the  Atlantic, Caribbean and North America we have the marine experience that you require.

A long time Chief Engineer on ocean-going vessels with an awareness for the smallest details born through many years of experience. 

Marine Engine Surveyors can handle all of your Consultation, Inspection and Survey needs for Main Engines, Gearboxes, and Generators. We also cover all other engine room and technical space mechanical 

inspections as requested. 

Have the experts come and carry out a comprehensive inspection/survey coupled with a concise and detailed report upon completion ready for making your best informed decision.

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A thorough visual inspection of complete Engine, Generator, selected Mechanical Equipment or complete technical space  (engine room or the like) Inclusive of oil and coolant sampling, handheld metering of various critical parameters and performance sea-trial. Inspections include only minimal disassembly.

A survey will include all items in an inspection, internal inspection and more. A full engine survey will be inclusive of the following testing: compression, leak down, blow-by, exhaust restriction, turbo boost pressure, fuel vacuum, sound analysis, delta T, borescope and computer analysis. A survey requires a greater degree of disassembly.

Consulting services with regard toward Engines, Running gear, Generators and all aspects of engine rooms and other technical spaces. Ranging from failure analysis, previous repair assessment to upgrades and refits.

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Pompano Beach 

Florida 33060

Cell: 786 325 5566

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